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Needle Coke
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As a strategic emerging material, needle coke is a raw material for the production of ultra-high power electrodes, special carbon materials, lithium ion battery anode materials, nuclear graphite and other high-end carbon products for electric furnace steelmaking, military industry, aerospace, new energy, etc. And is a scarce resource in China and abroad, is an advantageous carbon material that is competitively developed globally in the 21st century.


The green coke series is tailor-made for the lithium ion battery anode material industry to meet the different needs of customers. 

The electrode coke series is used for ultra-high power graphite electrodes and nipples. Its CTE, grain size, strength and other specifications are totally conformation with the standard of larger diameter UHP graphite electrode.

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Application Area

  • Anode Material

  • Special Carbon

  • Graphite Electrode

  • Nuclear Graphite